1] Weapons

There are five seperate types of weapons in Kitsu Saga (Hereby referred to as KS) They are,

Melee Weapons(Gloves or Gauntlets)

Dual Weapons (Small Axes, Knives and Rings)

Polearms(Spears or Halberds)

Swords (Long swords, ect)

Saber (think short sword)

Throwing Weapons(Kunai, Needles, Things of that nature)

2] Armor

Armor is divided into three seperate categories all of which contain the same basic elements (Head, Shoulder, Arm, Legs, Feet)

The types of armor are

Robes (Providing high MDEF and lower DEF, increasing your magical attack power, and chance of crit attack when using magic spells)

Light Armor (This type of armor gives both a decent amount of MDF and normal DEF, although the DEF is higer, and it gives you extra evasion and a does more damage on your critical attacks)

Heavy Armor (Low MDEF and high DEF, this armor has as fixed bonus that it gives you hit, so you'll miss less often)

3] Accessories

There are two different types of accessories, Rings and Amulets such items will add small amounts of Health and Chi to your total count, Possibly a small stat bonus as well.

4] Quality

All pieces of equipment have their own respective levels of quality and sometimes a bonus to the players statistics. Anything green or above can be broken down in your kitsu cottage and you cna gain Myserious Essence from these, which can be used later on to craft your own gear.

There are five tiers to the quality of equipment. They are:

White: The most common form of equipment. Nothing special, just basic gear that you can get anywhere

Green: More rare than the white equipment, though still relatively easy to find. Will have some bonus to stats and possibly a single or multiple gem slots

Blue: Somewhat difficult to find and or obtain, blue weapons and armor have much higher base attack and defence ratings than both white and green, always has at least one bonus to any stat.

Orange equipment can only be obtained by having a Level 3 Kitsu or higher craft it. The armor itself is slightly better than blue in terms of basic attack and defence

Purple equipment is the rarest form of gear, as of now there appear to no such items on Kitsu Saga.(October 20, 2010)